The Secret to Any Successful Event: Furniture Storage Carts

Running any large special event such as graduation ceremonies or weddings can be extremely hectic.  Special Event Furniture Set-up LayoutWhether you are working up an amazingly complex event or simply trying to get everyone on the same page, you will certainly have your hands full.  Because of this, worrying about the laborious task of furniture set up and storage will be the last thing on your mind.

Here’s where thoughtfully purchased furniture storage carts and dollies for all of the chairs and tables you will be using is key to keeping everything organized and rolled out on queue. Whether you are hosting an office retreat or running a middle school dance, preplanning the use of furniture carts and dollies will save you both time and money.

Money Saving

Being able to load everything onto a dolly yourself will definitely cut down on the amount of people you will need to employ to keep things organized around your meeting area. While the task of setting up 300 graduation chairs on a football field is fairly mindless, it requires a lot of labor and time if not planned correctly. Keeping your labor costs low means more money going to you or the company or event fund, which is great for everyone involved.

When moving a large number of stack chairs from one location to the next, consider a chair dolly. Dollies allow a person to easily move an entire stack of chairs at once, reducing the number of trips between locations. Many stack chairs have specific dollies available that best suit their base design, but there are also several universal chair dollies that work on a variety of chair styles.

Folding Table & Folding Chair Storage Cart Furniture Mover

Saving Time

Not having to worry about where you are going to put all of the chairs and tables you will need will save you time.  Let’s say you have a big school benefit luncheon planned outside on your school campus lawn. Create a master map of the event space and prep areas using numbered system to assign each section to a member of your crew. Then label each cart of chairs and tables that you have pre-determined you will need to correspond with your map so that on the big day, each person on your crew is clear of their responsibilities. This allows you to focus on more important details like food selections and entertainment that can really make your event a smash hit.

Carts and dollies also save a great deal of room which can free up your facilities precious storage space for other storage needs. Folding chairs are one of the most abundant furniture products that an organization may have.

Double Tier Folding Chair Storage Cart Mover

You use them for everything and can never have too many… unless you have no place to store them! Look for double-tier folding chair trucks, or understage folding chair carts that allow you to utilize wasted space under your performance stage.

If you are considering hosting any large group of people, getting carts and dollies for your event is a tremendously important key to having a professional end result.  Not only do they save you time and money in the long run, they will also open up a great deal of space around your area.  If you are interested in purchasing some carts and dollies, please contact us.

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