SentrySafe Protects Files from Fire and Water

SentrySafe the world leader in water and fire resistant file cabinets has acquired Schwab Corp and now brings unsurpassed water resistant technology to the office to protect valuable documents. The SentrySafe fire resistant and water model went head to head at the independent facilities of InterTek the global leader in testing and product certification.

Each file cabinet model underwent identical inspection and preparation and testing as mandated by certification standards. The bottom surface area was covered with paper towels, the paper towels were the weighed and replaced. Each unit was then continuously sprayed for 1 hour. After 1 hour each unit was wiped down before the paper towels were removed and re-weighed. 

The standard states that if any one file drawer exceeds 15 grams of leakage, about the weight of 15 paper clips, the test is deemed a failure. The competition allowed so much leakage that final weigh in was not possible. The competition failed the test! 

The SentrySafe fire and water resistant model underwent the exact same testing and easily passed the tough requirements. Protect your documents against Fire and Water Damage with the SentrySafe Fire Resistant, Water Resistant Filing Cabinet

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