Are Your Important Files Safe From Fire?

Typically the average office fire reaches temperatures of 800 degrees F for about 20 minutes until all “fuel” is consumed.  The newly released Schwab 2 Hour Fire and Impact Rated Vertical File offers maximum protection for applications their standard 1 hour rated file may suffice, but due to environmental factors, additional protection may be warranted.

Worthington Direct sells the full line of fireproof products manufactured by Schwab Corp.  Visit to research more of their products or request a quote today, because you cannot put a price on irreplaceable documents.

Schwab Corp. has implemented all the necessary manufacturing processes at its Cannelton facility to begin production of its newly released UL Class 350-2 Hour Fire and Impact Rated Vertical File. The Schwab Series 5000 Underwriter’s Laboratories, Inc. Class 350-2 Hour Fire and Impact Rated Vertical fire file cabinet is the only 2 hour rated fire file with insulated inner steel drawer liners that encapsulate and protect each drawer, halting the spread of fire from an opened compartment to a closed one.

This unique and superior construction also keeps all insulating composite away from vital records, eliminating dusting and moisture from entering its protective individual inner steel drawer vaults. The Schwab 2 Hour rated file has undergone the most rigorous testing done by UL for the classification of “Records Protection Equipment”, ensuring fire protection far above the typical office fire.

The 2 hour rated fire file is ideal for applications where maximum protection from elevated heat and duration of a fire is warranted due to extenuating environmental factors.

Schwab Corp. was founded in 1872 in Lafayette, Indiana and continues to be a leader in the fi eld of vital record and valuables storage, providing protection against fire and water damage. The Company’s headquarters are in Lafayette, Indiana with its manufacturing plant in Cannelton, Indiana. continue reading

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