Whatever Happened to Good Penmanship?

Have you tried recently to read your students handwriting?  If it wasn’t so sad, I’d think we were all raising future Doctors.  Today’s students use computers more than written skills to communicate their thoughts.  While this is great in improving their typing, it does not improve their handwriting skills. 

Handwriting Counts!
Why Good Penmanship Will Never Go Out of Style

by Kari Anderson


Unlike many subjects taught in schools today, handwriting is not an exact science. That’s because teachers can choose to teach a style from among a wide variety of educationally acceptable manuscript and cursive approaches including traditional manuscript, modern manuscript, transitional cursive, simplified cursive, traditional cursive and italic. The difference between the styles lies in the slant of the letters and the elaborateness of the loops. Styles range from stick-straight to slanted print to easy cursive (with fewer loops) to elaborate cursive (with lots of loopy letters, especially capitals).  (more…)




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