Senate Addresses the Importance of Classroom Furniture

Worthington Direct is a Leader in these Efforts New teaching methods, growing numbers of students in each class, integration of technology and a host of other challenges have changed the needs of America’s classrooms. Computer furniture, activity tables, and new Smart wipe boards have replaced many traditional desks, chairs and chalkboards. As legislators and school officials assess the need for new school furniture, they need to be able to easily find the classroom furniture and accessories that meet their needs. Worthington Direct features new classroom furniture options for 2007 that offer stimulating color, functionality, and versatility and easily meets the needs and budget requirements of administrators and legislators, such as in the following situation.

The Senate chairman on education and youth affairs has urged schools to consider applying for federal grants to secure funds for classroom equipment.

Sen. Jude Hofschneider met with education officials last week to discuss a request from Marianas High School for funds to buy replacement desks. Present in the meeting were Board of Education chairman Roman Benavente, Education commissioner David Borja, MHS principal Karen Borja, and the governor’s coordinator for capital improvement project funds, Vicky Villagomez.

During the meeting, Hofschneider reportedly suggested that the Public School System apply for the U.S. Department of Education’s economic impact initiative grant. According to Hofschneider, each school can get up to $200,000 under the grant.

He recommended that the schools include the cost of classroom equipment when applying for CIP funds, so they will not have to tap operational funds for this purpose. He also urged the schools to ensure they get their share of the Compact Impact funds and to take advantage of the education tax credit law.

“PSS needs to be creative in finding solutions,” Hofschneider said. MHS’s request was for each lawmaker, as well as community members and other public servants, to help the school raise funds for the purchase of 500 new student desks. Each desk costs $114 each, and the school is hoping each lawmaker can purchase 10 to 30 desks.

“If we could get at least 17 other legislators to support a classroom of 30, then we could easily reach our goal of receiving 500 new student desks,” MHS officials and students wrote Hofschneider on Feb. 7, 2007.

MHS offered to recognize each donor by placing a plaque with his or her name on the door of the classroom. The school also pledged to publicize the donations.

“Marianas High School really needs your help! There are currently over 1,200 students at our school who are sitting on old, broken, and dilapidated school desks. Not only are our desks in poor condition, but the tables and chairs that are not being used by our students to meet the growing student population are as horrible,” MHS said.

“We are not asking for your good office to solve this problem or purchase all the desks, but we are asking for you to be part of the bigger solution. We are reaching out to our community members and public servants to take part in helping an institution that has served its community as well,” the school added.

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