Schools as Learning Environments

The traditional school building design hasn’t changed in decades.  It’s time to change that and make learning and enjoyable event, even in the cafeteria……

The Learning Building

by Jay B. Richards & Lawrence E. Peterson
Learning environments need not be limited to classrooms — the entire building can be viewed as filled with potential learning environments.
After the Civil War the United States began the process of developing the “Industrial Model” school. Box-like classrooms along a double-loaded corridor were seen as the most efficient way to educate and “Americanize” the large number of immigrants coming to the United States. Despite the dramatic changes in architecture, construction science, technology, and lifestyle, the same basic model for school design is still used. While there have been upgrades, improvements, refinements, and enhancements made to the basic model, this improved environment of better lighting, ventilation, and technology is still housed in a box-like classroom along a double-loaded corridor. It seems that design of nearly every other kind of space has evolved, but the “Industrial Model” school remains relatively unchanged since the turn of the last century.  (more…)

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