Online Resources for Schools

Schools are now preparing for the upcoming school year and there are some fantastic resources available online for teachers, parents and students. Teachers and school administrators spend hours at their desks working on lesson plans and activities to keep students engaged throughout the school year. Here are a few sources that may aid anyone committed to educational excellence.
The Verizon Foundation is hosting a website that is full of free activities, interactive games, lesson supplements and educational ideas;
PBS has long been celebrated as an informative channel and now their website has a section just for teachers; This video from a PBS special explains how most classrooms are now outfitted with projector equipment to keep up with technological advances versus the old chalkboard. (however there are still plenty of uses for a chalkboard!)

YouTube itself hosts thousands of educational videos that many students can use when they are
away from the classroom and need help with homework. Particularly in math and science classes,
many teachers are allowing students to pull up to their computer tables in class and search
YouTube instead of pulling out a lifeless sheet of formulas. Keep education fresh and interesting
this year, and take advantage of the wealth of resources available online.

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