Furniture: Form and Function

Times are changing, and our ways of furnishing schools will have to change with it if we are to keep up.  Gone are the stationary desks, here are the multifunction spaces and furniture to match. by Jay B. Richards

Thoughtful consideration of both current and future uses will yield effective spaces furnished with serviceable furniture that can be reconfigured for multiple uses


In Ohio, one of the most comprehensive school rebuilding programs in history is underway. Since 1997 more than $4 billion has been spent to rebuild entire school districts. Of the 614 school districts in Ohio’s 88 counties, nearly one-third have now been served by the Ohio School Facilities Commission’s numerous programs. Districts participate with the state of Ohio in the co-funding of their project based on their per-pupil valuation. Those with the less per-pupil valuation contribute less to the total project budget, whereas those districts with the greatest per-pupil valuation contribute the more. In addition to the expected expenses for design and construction of the physical features of the building, the program budget also allows money based on the building’s square footage for supplemental necessities like technology and loose furnishings.

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