Cdigix to focus on delivering on-demand educational content

Cdigix, a provider of digital entertainment and educational media, is dropping its online music and movie service to focus solely on delivering on-demand educational content.

Cdigix has provided an educational content delivery system, called C-Labs, to schools for a number of years. Now, as of this fall, C-Labs is slated to become the company’s one and only focus. Cdigix is leaving behind its C-Trax solution, an online music and video download service that colleges and universities have used since 2004.

“This is not a departure for us,” said Cdigix CEO Larry Jacobson. “I’d characterize it more as a refocus toward the educational side of our business, which we think has a real need … and a lot of support from schools.”  Worthington Direct, has a wide range of technology furniture to support all of your growing technology needs.

Jacobson cited a number of reasons for the company’s decision to move away from the digital entertainment side of its business. “When we talked to administrators on campus as to how we could help them best, they kept focusing us more and more on education and saying that this is what they really needed,” he said. (Continue reading)

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