What Does Greenguard Certified Mean?

If you’ve shopped for school furniture or educational furniture in the last 5 to 10 years, you’ve probably noticed the Greenguard Certified logo found on a growing number of furniture products. But do you wonder what that really means? And maybe you even wonder if it’s worth worrying about? Well, this segment that recently aired on ABC’s Good Morning America show reveals that you really should be concerned with the furniture products that are in your classroom or home.

Chemical off-gassing can lead to several short-term and even long-term health problems that can easily be avoided by being a smart consumer and opting for Greenguard Certified furniture. Classrooms can be outfitted with Greenguard School Desks, Greenguard Classroom Tables, and Greenguard Chairs and Seating to provide a healthy learning environment for your students.  Hope that helped to clear the air.

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