Even With Your School’s Furniture, It Is Possible To “Go Green”

Everywhere you look today you find references to “going green” and “reducing your carbon footprint”.  While solar energy or composting are obvious ways you can go green, there are other, less noticeable ways, that you can help our planet even when making your school furniture buying decisions.Greenguard Certified School Furniture

Eco-friendly furniture is designated as such because of a more environmentally responsible manufacturing process or the furniture is made in a way that means it does not make a negative impact on indoor air quality.  Our “green” furniture is approved by The Greenguard Environmental Institute which is a non-profit organization that certifies materials and products that meet their strict standards for emissions.  Additionally, the Greenguard Children and Schools program works to ensure that products used in daycare centers and schools meet the most rigorous standards available.

Their website states:

“Children are more sensitive to environmental exposures than adults. Their bodies are still developing including their brains. They breathe faster than adults and in return receive a higher dose of indoor pollution per body weight. To account for inhalation exposure to young children, a body burden correction factor has been applied to the current GREENGUARD Indoor Air Quality Certified® allowable levels.”

At WorthingtonDirect.com you will find a selection of Green School Desks ,Green Chairs and Seating ,Green Classroom Tables, Eco-Friendly Computer Tables, Green Library Furniture by Smith System, Virco, Bretford and Jonti-Craft.  This is furniture that you can always feel comfortable about using in your classroom environment.

Contact us to find out about our environmentally friendly line of furniture and how we can help you lower your organization’s carbon footprint.

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  1. I totally agree with the blogger. Eco friendly product does help to reduce global warming and I support eco friendly product.

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