Teacher Organization: Creating A Successful Atmosphere for Students and Teachers

It takes a special type of person to take on teaching as a profession. Success in a classroom is measured in a variety of ways. The best way to start down a wonderful path is by utilizing teacher organization tips that create a fun, organized space for learning.

Benefits of an Organized Classroom

A properly organized classroom creates a successful atmosphere for students and teachers.

  • Reduce your stress by understanding where everything is.
  • Reduce student distractions. Keep your kids focused with an organized, fun learning space.
  • Increase safe space for learning. Nobody wants to trip over something should a fire drill turn into the real thing.
  • Have fun with your class. Organizing means you can teach more and have fun with the kids.

Storage Solutions for all Grade Levels

Teaching is a career that encompasses students at all ages. The tools you need to organize your room differ depending on the grade level you teach. Some suggestions for basic organization include:

  • Student cubbies for younger classes. They help lessen clutter by removing backpacks and other items from around desks. You can also use student’s cubbies to help them learn about organizing their items for success. Consider a reward program to recognize those who keep their area the cleanest. The cubbies can also be used for older children to store posters or other awkward materials that clutter their desk and the area around it.


  • A file cabinet is a must for all classrooms. Consider purchasing one with a lock for sensitive files. Use the cabinet wisely to keep things at your fingertips.


  • Mobile storage carts. These are helpful for organizing everything from art supplies to science and manipulatives.


Remember the more organized your room is the more successful the school year is.

Get the Students Involved

No matter what grade you work with, get your students involved in the classroom organization. Ask them for input during the current year and keep notes to use for the future. Don’t be afraid to ask older students or your assistant, if you have one, to help you move items in the room.

The more the students are involved in the room, the more they will be excited to learn. They will take pride in the completed space!

For more information on organizing a successful atmosphere for students and teachers or to order needed organization items, contact us today.

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