STEM education (STEAM) for Preschool and Kindergarten

STEM education (STEAM) is one of the current buzzwords in all levels of education. Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math are the topics included in the acronym STEAM. Lessons or activities need not encompass all five areas at once.

Classroom Garden and Science Lab is one way to include developmentally appropriate hours of learning and fun in a preschool or kindergarten classroom. This sturdy center in a cart, a six piece set, includes an Eco Lab, Garden Lab and more. The pieces can be added or subtracted depending on how you are using the center. Hands-on learning is necessary to any preschool or kindergarten curriculum. With gardening activities, students learn about plants, estimation, graphing, foods, nutrition, cooperation, ecology, and so much more.

Sensory tables are not just for sand and water anymore. Filling the table with a combination of oil and water leads to guesses (hypothesis) about what will happen when the two come together, followed by experimentation as children explore how the liquids interact. Teachers can facilitate learning by asking open-ended questions and allowing the children to come up with new ways to explore and find answers.

Another great sensory table activity is placing sculpture items in the table for the children to sort through (math), select, and use in a project. One idea for a project is three-dimensional sculptures. Building sculptures stimulate creative thinking. Students use basic engineering skills, math, physics, aesthetics, and art concepts to complete their work. The goal is to have the children involved in the process. The outcome or finished product is secondary.

The Jonti Science Activity Table features mirrors, magnifiers, and magnets. It is an excellent stage for individual activities prepared and set up by teachers to encourage STEM exploration and learning as individual or small group activities. Teacher-made activity picture cards when included help stimulate ideas for the children.

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