Small brass valve led to variety of products

It is often said that necessity is the mother of invention.  In a twist on this logic, the inventive mind of business owner William H. “Bill” Peters developed a very successful new business based on idle equipment he had and wanted to put to good use. 

Check out the article: “Small brass valve led to variety of products” to see a quote from Kevin Worthington, the President of Worthington Direct Inc.

Excerpt from article:
In fortuitous turn, the firm took a job making parts needed by a maker of educational products. “We lost that customer, but … Bill took a close look at the educational market place and we noticed that everything was all made of wood. We said, ‘Why can’t why do some of this out of plastic?’ ” Mrs. Peters said.

ChildBrite was launched and its durable plastic sand and water tables were a hit. The move took the firm from bankruptcy’s brink to an estimated $3 million annual sales this year.

“ChildBrite is very good quality. It’s got good value for what people are spending,” said Kevin Worthington, president of Worthington Direct Inc., of Dallas, an online seller-distributor of early childhood development products.

The local firm sells the products mainly to the U.S. market, but the line also has won over customers in Canada, Puerto Rico, Germany, and England. 
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