Create Learning Centers with Preschool Furniture

Whether you’re starting from scratch, or updating an existing preschool, teachers need to present a classroom that is aesthetically pleasant and conducive to learning.  Three and four-year-olds love to move around the room to different learning areas, and with the right preschool furniture you can encourage children to grow and develop.Preschool Daycare Furniture

Group Circle Area

You’ll want to have one area where the class can congregate for whole group activities, such as circle or story time.  Since preschool children usually sit on the floor, warm up the area with a colorful carpet.  Choose one that fits your space well, and leaves plenty of room for students.  Add in a book display or storage system so children have access to books any time of the day as they begin establishing their pre-reading skills.

Tables and Chairs

All classrooms need to have a place where children can sit and work on art projects, puzzles, and small manipulative toys.  What preschool doesn’t have snack time too?  Tables and chairs in appropriate sizes will welcome children to sit and be comfortable.

Dramatic Play and Blocks

Preschoolers are famous for role playing, and they learn a lot from pretending to be a parent, teacher, doctor, or firefighter.  Choose dramatic play furniture that will encourage imagination, such as a dress-up clothes station, a small kitchen, or workbench.  Children this age also create imaginative structures out of blocks.  Provide a large supply of different shapes and sizes to bring out their problem-solving skills and creativity.

Sensory Stations

Children love to play with water, sand, and all kinds of materials that have different textures.  These activities can even be calming and helpful to students with attention deficit issues or special needs.  Choose sand and water tables to set up a sensory center for preschoolers.

Classroom Storage Solutions

With many children using different toys, it doesn’t take long for the room to turn into a mess.  Make sure you have plenty of shelves and storage cubbies so that all items have a home.  Train children to put toys back where they belong when they are done using them, and the classroom will stay looking neat and organized.

Preschoolers are at an age where they learn primarily through play. Contact us to get all the supplies you need to set up your classroom in a way that is fun, organized, and conducive to learning.

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