Preschool Furniture – 5 Fun Uses for Sensory Tables

When purchasing preschool furniture a sensory table should definitely be on your list. Sensory tables provide hours of educational entertainment for little ones. Depending on what you put in them they may get messy at times, but the learning gained from the sensory play the table offers will be well worth the mess.

Everyone has played in a sand table or water table at some point. While these are both fun and worthwhile sensory table fillers, there are dozens of other fun, creative options out there that kids love. We have included a few ideas below.

  • Rice – White rice, brown rice, or colored rice all make for amazing sensory bin fillers. For Valentines Day, check out a Rose Scented Rice recipe on Pinterest.  The feeling of running your fingers through rice is one not many kids can resist, and rice is small enough to be used in funnels and water wheels.
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  • Jello – This one is messy. Really messy. Some kids may not want to play in Jello because of the mess, but other kids will absolutely adore the cold squishiness of it. Play at your own risk.
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  • Moon Sand – This stuff is amazing. It has the texture of sand, but sticks together like some sort of dough. Almost all kids enjoy playing with moon sand. Be sure to provide sandcastle molds too!
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  • Popcorn Kernels – These are fun to use with toy tractors and trucks. They also work well for making toilet paper roll maracas when you are finished using them for sensory play.
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  • Shredded Paper – You can get shredded paper for free from the paper shredder and I can guarantee the kids will have more fun with it than the trash can would. Throw in some small toys and make it a treasure hunt game.
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If you are looking to purchase sensory tables or other preschool furniture please contact us at Worthington Direct so we can help you find the products to suit your needs.

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