Preschool Furniture: 3 Must-Have Pieces

Your classroom is the space where you grow little minds and hearts into the people they will someday become… but that space is limited and you have to make it count. Small rooms mean you have to make all your preschool furniture work for you in both form and function. These 3 must-have pieces are whimsical and wonderful, perfect for making the most out of every inch of your classroom haven.

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Imagination Station

You already know that kids learn best through the magic of play. From manners to step-by-step instructions, your preschool class can learn so much from a kitchen set that allows them to explore the world of growing up in a safe and fun environment. From baking little dough pies to serving the plastic turkey, your class will love the Rainbow Accents Kitchen Set by Jonti-Craft that allows you to choose the pieces you want or the entire 4 piece set.

Take a Seat

Macaroni art – check. Glue disasters – check. Crayon bucket of fun – check. A place to sit comfortably… check. This MyValue Set Preschool and Toddler Table & Chair Set by Angeles comes in a rainbow of hues and is perfectly suited for tiny students who are ready to make a big creative masterpiece. It also cleans easily and effortlessly which means even those masterpieces that create big messes…won’t ruin the fun.

Literary Lounge

Compact and ready for a little library relaxing, this literary nook is great for taking up a seat and diving into their favorite picture books. Nixing the need for bulky chairs, the built in bench makes this an all-in-one knock out that is exceptional for making the most of small corners.

Your classroom is where you will shape those little people more than you will ever know. We think you deserve to have the kind of space that reflects the whimsical, wonderful way you will touch their lives forever. Contact us today to learn more about how Worthington Direct can help you turn your classroom into an imaginative space that leaves plenty of room for moving about and having the kind of fun that only comes from learning that lasts a lifetime.

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