Portable Handwashing Sinks Provide Sanitation Near Changing Tables

When you are running a daycare or preschool, changing tables are a necessity.  But sometimes the best place for a changing table is nowhere near a bathroom, and there isn’t room to install a sink or the funds to move the plumbing. Jonti-Craft Portable Sink for Handwashing Portable handwashing sinks are the perfect solution to make sure caregivers can change diapers and wash hands all while keeping an eye on the little ones.

Features of Portable Sinks

If you think a portable sink won’t do the job like a plumbed one, you might be surprised.  These sinks do the job just as well as a regular sink, and they come on heavy-duty casters so you can move it wherever you need it.  Features include:

  • A tankless, on-demand water heater
  • Clean water tank holds 5 gallons of non-potable water
  • Dirty tank holds 6 gallons
  • Flow rate of 1/2 gallon/minute
  • Locked storage in some models
  • Choose from a stainless steel or plastic bowl

If you’ve been trying to figure out how to plumb a sink near a changing area, or worse yet, leaving children unattended while you go wash hands after changing a diaper, this is your solution.  It could not be any easier.

In addition to portable sinks at adult heights, we offer portable models that are the perfect size for children.  Forget about dragging a class of kids down to the bathroom every time their hands need cleaning.  Whether working with playdoh, paint, or you just need to wash some germs off before snack time, a portable sink simplifies keeping kids clean and healthy.

Taking care of young children in a daycare or preschool every day is an important job.  To keep a program running smoothly and maintain the focus on the care and education of the children, you need to have the right tools for the job.  Contact us and we’ll help provide the physical needs of the program.  We can supply you with high quality cribs, toy storage, tables, chairs, and many other items that will make your program look impressive, run efficiently, and help you focus on the little ones that matter.

2 thoughts on “Portable Handwashing Sinks Provide Sanitation Near Changing Tables

  1. I had no idea that that a portable sink could hold up to 5 gallons of clean water and have a tankless water heater. I imagine that a portable hand washing station would be great for a business who travels around, like a catering service. It would also be nice for a service with children, like you mentioned.

  2. Hello there,I read your blog. Truly sinks can effectively provide the first line of defense against germs. Keep going!

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