Plan Ahead For The Warm Weather With Outdoor Preschool Furniture

Studies have shown that children learn more efficiently when they have enough breaks during their school day to stretch their legs and decompress their minds a bit.  In fact, even fifteen minutes of recess a day can help kids re-focus and process information better in their classrooms.  Outdoor Kid's Playground Furniture And when your child’s agenda includes such basic information as colors, letters and numbers, it’s important to be sure they get enough time to play through the day so that these important fundamental subjects hit home when they’re taught.

How old is the outdoor furniture for the younger children at your school?  How often is it tested for safety?  Perhaps your school’s playground has been around for a long time and so you assume that it’s safe because it looks sturdy.  However, many pieces of older outdoor furniture can contain lead paint.

The other issue is, if the furniture has been a part of the school’s playground for years, the kids might be bored with it.  New outdoor preschool furniture can stimulate their minds in different ways, and many schools notice a dramatic difference in how much information kids are able to retain once their recess routine changes a bit.  Even adding one or two new pieces of outdoor furniture for the kids to try out will make a big difference.

At Worthington Direct, we have everything you need to create an interesting and safe play space for the children at your school.  Our outdoor furniture by ECR4Kids is brightly colored to make it as attractive as possible.  We also have a variety of items to choose from, including toys for kids to climb on and stretch their muscles after sitting at their desks all morning and furniture like our Sand and Water Tables which offers kids an educational playtime experience that goes very well with the lessons they’re learning in the classroom.

To find out more about our great preschool furniture or any of our other pieces of furniture, contact us today.

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