New Daycare Furniture Will Attract New Business

Anyone who owns a daycare knows that kid’s furniture goes through a lot of wear and tear. It’s used every day by children, and there’s a lot of cleaning that goes into keeping the little ones safe and healthy. These two reasons are a big part of why daycare furniture ends up looking old and faded, which can turn away business.

If you have people looking at your daycare, but not registering their children, take a step back and look objectively at the situation.

Parents may choose a daycare that has a newer updated look if your first impression leaves them lasting reminders of worn and dingy equipment. Your furniture may be clean as a whistle, your staff top notch, and your building as secure as Fort Knox, but its shabby appearance may be causing you to lose business.

Daycare Tables and Chairs

Preschool Table and Chairs

One of the most used items in a daycare are tables and chairs, so take inventory of your collection and see if any need replacing. If any tables have wobbly legs that cannot be repaired, or if you have a mish-mash of random scared chairs, perhaps it’s time to update. Children learn, play, and eat on these tables and chairs so you’ll want to invest in a quality product that will look nice for many classes to come. A sturdy table with some colorful chairs will make your daycare look bright and well maintained. Parents of babies will also want to see newer high chairs to ensure their little ones have a clean and safe place to feed.

Cots and Cribs

Day care childcare center crib

Children in daycare typically take a nap or rest every day, but if your cots and cribs are looking old and worn, parents can be hesitant about letting their child rest on them. Modern rest mats are now available in anti-microbial vinyls that feature sophisticated seam seals to resist germs and splitting. Store rest mats and cots neatly on a storage trolley when not in use so that are not trampled upon by playing children. Most sleeping mats have name tags so each child can be assigned a specific mat to use daily. This is just a small detail, but it will go a long way with prospective families.

Newer cribs will give parents of babies peace of mind that they have a safe, clean place to sleep while away from home. Each state has strict crib safety regulations that must be followed by all licenced daycare and preschools that utilize cribs. Always purchase commercial cribs from a trusted dealer that can provide you with certificates of compliance to keep in on-hand for inspectors and well educated, inquisitive parents.

Classroom Carpets

Classroom Carpeted Rug

New flooring is another area that will greatly increase your daycare’s “curb appeal.” If you can’t invest in a total remodel, then simply purchase some new rugs to place in strategic places where children will congregate to learn and play. Commercial classroom carpets feature durable backing, edges and dense pile for years of use in your active play or study area. Tie your whole room together with the right rug, or select a rug to base the rest of your room’s design from. Seating carpets that feature defined spots or squares for each child can even take the place of traditional chairs, but still provide individual seating space for story time or lineups.

Storage Solutions

Preschool Storage Solutions for Toddlers

Lastly, look at how your rooms are organized. Are toys tossed in boxes and bins, giving a look of disorganization? Storage units, lockers, and cubbies will keep toys cleaned up and uncluttered, giving a more professional and clean appearance. If floor space is limited many of the storage cubbies and lockers are available in wall mount versions. Storage cubbies can serve dual purpose by dividing spaces, and some even feature dry erase backs creating a whole new area to learn. For an extra touch, order colored plastic storage tubs and really show those parents you mean business.

Investing in new daycare furniture for your childcare center is a big step, but in the long run it will bring in business, and end up paying for itself. For more information on daycare or preschool furniture, contact us.

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