Making the Most of Nap Time with Child Care Cribs

If you provide child care for young children, you know it is essential to provide a safe, quiet place for little ones to get their rest.  There are many options for child care cribs, as well as cots and mats for older children who still need to nap during the day.Daycare Center Child Care Cribs

Day Care Crib Options

Registered child care providers and daycare centers strive to meet the highest standards, and that means purchasing cribs with the best quality.  These cribs not only meet all of the new CPSC safety regulations and guidelines, but there are many options you can choose from including:

  • Drop-down side gates
  • Under crib drawers to store bedding and other essentials
  • Plexiglas clearview sides for maximum visibility
  • Evacuation cribs with sturdier frames and wheels

If you’re trying to save space, check out the two-level crib, or invest in crib dividers, which enable you to put cribs right next to each other while blocking sound and germs.

Rest Time Options for Older Children

Most day care providers have older children as well as babies, and toddlers or preschoolers still need a daily rest even after they’ve outgrown the crib.  Cots are made of sturdy material that can be easily cleaned, and will give each child a space to call their own during nap time.  Another option are space-saving rest mats which can easily stack or fold.  These padded mats will provide a cushion for older children who need to rest, and they can be easily wiped down and cleaned after each use. Larger patchwork mats can double up as both play mats during active time and rest mats when it’s time to nap.

For children to remain healthy and reach their full potential, they must have enough rest.  Day care providers who want to provide high quality cribs, cots, and mats for the children they care for can contact us to find out more information about these and more child care furniture.

4 thoughts on “Making the Most of Nap Time with Child Care Cribs

  1. I’m interested in finding out more about your stack cribs. I’m needing 4 additional cribs to expand our young infant room. I’m hoping these will be in our budget as they would certainly save precious floor space for our babies to crawl around in.

    Please e-mail pricing and order information as soon as possible.

  2. Hi Debbi,
    Stacking cribs are a create way to save space in your infant room. Here is a link to view them on our website. Pricing is listed and you may calculate your shipping online as well.

    Please let us know if you have any other questions about these stacking cribs or any other crib product we carry.

    Thank you!

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