Jonti-Craft Preschool Clean Hands Helper

Studies show that washing hands regularly can help reduce the spread of germs and illness. In some environments, plumbing isn’t readily available. With little ones, you aren’t able to escort a single child to the lavatory while leaving the remaining children alone. Now, with Jonti-Craft’s Clean Hands Helper, you can put a hand washing station where you need it!
This hand washing station features a self-contained, portable sink. It all starts with a 5 gallon tank for fresh water. The faucet dispenses the water using a built-in electric pump. You can even use the warm water which is heated to a pleasant 88┬░F thanks to our inline water heater. As the waste water flows down the drain, it is collected in the 6 gallon storage tank. All you do is fill up the fresh water and plug it in, it’s that easy!
Clean Hands Helper

The Clean Hands Helper is packed with all of the quality features you’ve come to expect from Jonti-Craft.
Clean Hands Helper

Clean Hands Helper
Clean Hands HelperClean Hands Helper

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