Is all your Preschool Furniture Compliant?

As you are aware, the Consumer Product Safety Commission or CPSC has issued a new standard for cribs that went into effect June 28, 2011. But are you aware that the CPSC will no longer allow cribs that do not meet the new safety standards to be used in day care centers, churches, hotels, or other places that offer public accommodations after December 28, 20212. Therefore my question to you; are your cribs or preschool furniture compliant?

As a reminder, the CPSC’s new rule has the following stipulations. Cribs with drop down sides cannot be manufactured, sold, or resold. In addition to cribs no longer having drop down sides, all new cribs must endure additional and stringent safety testing. The cribs must have increased “slat strength” and “improved mattress support and durability.” The increased standards in safety testing, and improvement in slat strength and mattress support and durability is why a immobilizer cannot be used, and cribs must be replaced.

If the cribs in your church, hotel, daycare or preschool center are not compliant, and you need to purchase new cribs, please keep in mind that you cannot tell if a crib is compliant by simply looking at it. OnSafety recommends asking the retail store or the manufacturer whether the crib complies with 16 CFR 1219, the new federal standard for full-size cribs or with 16 CFR 1220, the new federal standard for non-full-size cribs. You can also ask the manufacturer for a certificate of compliance.

Of course Worthington Direct has several compliant cribs available, and many are perfect for daycare and preschool settings, churches and hotels too. Our cribs are durable and easy to clean. Not only that, we have crib accessories available such as mattresses and crib sheets. Please click here to see which cribs are on sale.

As always, please contact us with any questions.

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