How to Utilize Limited Space in a Preschool

Whether you’re setting up a new classroom or trying to rearrange your current preschool, the size of your room plays an important role in how you organize your various learning centers and areas.Mobile Storage Unit for Preschool

But what if you have a small classroom? What if each learning center can’t have its own area? How do you utilize limited space?

With Worthington Direct’s quality furniture, designed specifically with young children in mind, you can take a small space and have endless opportunities for child development, imagination and learning.

Multiple Use Furniture

By using a multi-sectional storage cabinet, one learning area can be used for a variety of centers. Puzzles or art supplies can be stored in the top section while blocks, trucks or housekeeping items in the bottom. Simply cover the section that’s not being used with a colorful curtain. A morning housekeeping area can quickly turn into an afternoon puzzle area.

Go Mobile with Your Stations

Sensory tables are ideal for schools with limited space. Most sensory tables are on wheels, allowing you to move them near a sink for easy access to water play. Or you can take an empty table to the truck and car section and children can use it as a race track. Put the cover on the table and it can be used for an arts and craft table. There are endless possibilities with these versatile indoor/outdoor tables. For more ideas of what to fill a sensory table with, visit our Sensory Pinterest Board.

Identify Classroom Space with Carpets

Large and small educational carpets are perfect for visual and physical dividers. A reading nook can be designated with one carpet while blocks with another. This is a colorful way to create warm, inviting areas in a small classroom. You can create designated seating on rugs that feature numbered shapes, without the use of chairs.

Worthington Direct can help you arrange your room to fit the needs of your students. Contact us for more information.

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