Art Space for Young Artists: Art Room Organization and Storage Ideas

Art room organization can become an overwhelming task. However, prioritizing space and creating accessibility to supplies will help the art room become organized and more functional for the little artists who can’t wait to get their hands messy.

One of the most important things to keep in mind when furnishing an art room is finding the appropriate storage to hold all the different sizes and types of materials used in art. The Tip-Me-Not Portfolio Storage unit by Wood Designs creates perfect storage for art rooms. The top half of the unit keeps art work organized in divided compartments, while the bottom half stores art supplies in shelves or tote trays. This dual purpose storage unit is mounted on wheels, making it easy for teachers to move around as needed. The mobility and versatility of this storage unit helps with space, allowing more room for tables and chairs.

Portfolio Storage

If you are looking to keep some art materials locked up or out of sight of young children, consider the Mobile Classroom Supply Cabinet by Jonti Craft. This supply cabinet comes in two sizes, both of which feature plenty of storage compartments designed specifically for art supplies. It also gives some extra counter space. The wheels make it easy for teachers to move freely around the room or transfer supplies to another classroom.

Easels are a fun tool for kids to use in the art room. It is important to find an easel that is both functional and kid friendly. The 4 Way Adjustable Easel by Jonti-Craft, for example, is a huge space saver with four easels in one, giving up to four kids an individual space to create their art. Each work surface is height adjustable, allowing kids of different ages and heights to work at the same art island. To cater imagination further, this easel is available with 3 panel add-ons: chalkboard, dry erase board, and acrylic.


When artwork is complete, it must be placed out-of-the-way of others to dry. Drying racks are a must for art rooms to stay clean and organized. It is also important to make drying racks accessible to even the youngest artist. Children can put their paintings on the rack once finished and start to clean up, which help teachers manage time while monitoring the class.

Drying Rack


Having a functional display for artwork is important as well. You want something that is easy to hang student’s artwork out-of-the-way and visible for all the kids to see their final art pieces. Display panels come in a variety of different styles, from freestanding floor displays to wall mount displays and tackless display rails. Each of these display panels come in a variety of sizes. So, whether you need to display artwork for an entire school or a small classroom, there are several display options to choose from.


If you do not have a designated art room, another option would be the mobile art center by Whitney Brothers. This rolling art cart is a great solution for art projects and classroom clutter. Just roll this art cart over to the next art project. Two of the sides have shelves and compartments for supplies and paper. The third side includes a deep bay for storing paper rolls. A rolling cart is perfect for art on the go! It gives you the storage and organization that you need when you have lots of supplies and limited space.

Art Center

These are just some suggestions for an organized art room. For more ideas feel free to visit our website or contact us.

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