Are You Ready for a (Diaper) Change?

When it comes to day-to-day operations in business, most owners and managers often have their bases covered in terms of accommodating their customers. However, is your business ready for every emergency?  Most parents have countless stories about awkward (and often inopportune) diaper-changing situations but the question is, can your business handle these particular emergencies? While baby changing stations are common in daycares and retail establishments, many large employers such as Google and Disney also offer amenities such as dry cleaning services and daycares for their employees. If your organization is somewhere in between a small business and Fortune 500 company, this post is definitely worth your time. Having a solid baby changing solution not only keeps your customers happy but also your employees which are both considered the lifeblood of any organization.

When searching for a great baby changing station, here are several ideas to guide your search:

Versatility at a Moment’s Notice

For diaper-changing situations that demand an adaptable solution, the Economy Series Wall Mounted Baby Changing Station by Foundations is available in a horizontal or vertical model since every organization’s layout is different. It also offers a baby seat mount option so you don’t have to worry about monitoring one baby while changing the diaper of another.

Economy Series Wall Mounted Baby Changing Station

Elegantly Durable

There are many organizations like five star hotels and luxury automobile dealerships that provide a high-end appearance for their clientele. However, many of these affluent customers often shop and travel with their families. Which means you’ll want a diaper-changing solution that can accommodate an upscale atmosphere. The Clad Stainless Steel Horizontal Wall Changing Station by Foundations offers a brushed 304 Stainless Steel chassis with a durable polyethylene interior.

Clad Stainless Steel Horizontal Wall Changing StationThis diaper-changing station is also an excellent solution if you have lots of customer and employee traffic such as a busy shopping center as its durable exterior will endure years of bumps, scratches, and diaper changes.

Impromptu Accommodations

Some organizations are so large that often customers have to make a journey to the restroom to get a baby’s diaper changed. For situations like this or if you need something that’s portable, convenient, can be used to supplement existing diaper-changing stations, look no further than the Baby Changing Mat by Children’s Factory. Having several of these ready to deploy is a great back-up plan if, for example, you have an emergency, such as the restroom being shut down due to a plumbing problem, and can’t get to your existing changing stations.

While no organization is the same in terms of size and structure layout, it’s also true that there is no one-size-fits-all diaper-changing solution that can accommodate every business’ needs. It’s a good idea to anticipate customer and employee demand and then provide a solution that is practical and robust. We invite you to view our comprehensive selection of Daycare Changing Tables & Diaper Changing Solutions and contact us to help you choose the best solution for your organization!

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