Activity Tables for Preschool Use

When thinking of purchasing activity tables for preschool classrooms, first consider the use. Sturdy construction, combined with durable materials such as those found in Worthington Direct’s selection, is of particular importance in classrooms where furniture may see a lot of unconventional use. In early childhood classrooms following best practices, large groups of children rarely sit around a single table.

Smaller tables such as the Baseline Preschool Tables by Angeles are a good choice. These allow teachers to work individually with children, or with small groups of two or three.  Teachers can direct their attention to children in an appropriate way to create the all-important bonding that facilitates learning in young children. Teaching in large groups does not help children under age five learn effectively.

Sensory tables offer a wonderful way to help young children explore materials, discover science concepts, and learn about their world. The possibilities are endless. A sensory table filled with water, a layer of sand, seashells, and plastic sea creatures, provides hours of learning and play. Sensory play helps children to become familiar with many science concepts such as the eco-system, animal classification, wet and dry, buoyancy, and more. Children may not be able to define the words, but their basic understanding of the concepts will begin to evolve. Later, fill the sensory table with sand, desert animals and plants and discover a whole new eco-system. Check out the many styles of sensory tables available at Worthington Direct.

Another prime choice for a preschool classroom is the Read-Around, a combination seating, and storage area. This excellent alternative to traditional table and chairs, allows children to sit comfortably with books while they look through them, or “read” to one another. It is vital to encourage early reading skills. These start with learning to enjoy books, even before children learn to read.

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