5 Pieces of Daycare Furniture Every Start-Up Center Needs

The demand for childcare is huge in a world where more families are opting to create dual-income. To meet the ongoing demand for childcare, new daycare centers are opening all the time. Not only can a daycare center be profitable, but the joys of helping shape the minds of the future generation draw many caring people to the business. 

The Most Important Steps

When setting up your daycare center for the first time, you need to invest a little money into appropriate furniture. This furniture should be safe, high-quality, and appropriately sized for the tiny people you’ll soon be caring for! To help you get started, we’ve come up with a list of five pieces of daycare furniture every start-up center needs. Check it out!

1. Pod Pillows – These unique “pillows” are actually soft seating areas for children to enjoy. They’re large enough to be used by older children, but soft enough to be safe for younger children!

2. Discovery Center with Tunnel and Slide – Made of bright colors and soft materials, this center will keep the youngest children safely entertained and active.

3. Storage Cubby – Offers a safe place for children to store their belongings while at your daycare center.


4. Floor Table with Appropriate Seating – Floor tables are a safe, child-sized alternative to regular tables with legs. They don’t carry the risk of falling if children get fidgety, which, of course, they will!

5. ABC and 123 Rugs – The inclusion of learning rugs in your daycare center can turn every play time into learning time! The best rugs for younger children are those that count or list out the alphabet.

6. Stackable Kiddie Cots – Keep kids off the floor during nap time. Choosing stackable kiddie cots means they will easily store out of the way when not in use.

For more information on daycare furniture or to purchase some for your start-up center, contact us today.

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