5 Great Freestanding Changing Tables for Daycare Centers and Nurseries

With so many freestanding changing tables and portable hand washing sinks on the market today, it can be hard to find the right one for daycare centers and nurseries. So to make the decision easier for care providers and management, we’ve assembled a list of five great models that our company heartily recommend.


1.) Tot Mate’s Changing Table with Sink

In our years of experience, Tot Mate’s Changing Table with Sink is one of the first models daycare centers should consider investing in. For starters, it has a large, 7-inch deep, scratch resistant, one-piece changing table complete with safety belts. So it will be safe, easy to maintain and continue to look good no matter how many times it’s put to good use. Plus, there is a roomy, built-in storage area where supplies may be stored in between diaper changes. Daycare staff will also appreciate the changing table’s built-in stairs, which makes taking care of the little one’s dirty bottoms easy on the muscles.

2.) Jonti-Craft’s Wooden Changing Table with Stairs

Next on our list is Jonti-Craft’s Wooden Changing Table with Stairs. We love the stain-resistant, birch wood model’s rounded edges, ample storage space and built-in 15-inch paper roll dispenser. Furthermore, Jonti-Craft’s designers were kind enough to outfit the built-in, pull-out stairs with anti-slip treads. Consequently, there’s less of a chance that unsteady toddlers with smooth-soled shoes will take unexpected tumbles on their way up to, or down from, the 100-pound capacity changing table. Pair it with one of the company’s Birch Wood Clean Hands Helper Portable Sinks and Up-n-Down Steps. Then the daycare staff and its pint-size charges will be ready to go.

3.) Wood Design’s Stair Loq Deluxe Changing Center

Coming in at number three on our list is Wood Design’s Stair Loq Deluxe Changing Center. Like one of the other changing tables on our list, it’s made from gorgeous, thick, birch wood. On top of that, it has an 8-inch deep changing well, built-in safety strap, segmented storage space and slide-out stairs complete with wide, anti-slip treads. All that’s really missing is the hand washing sink. However, it could be paired with one of the portable Jonti-Craft sinks that we mentioned earlier.

4.) Jonti-Craft’s Diaper Depot with Stairs

While we are on the subject of pairing models with sinks, the Jonti-Craft Diaper Depot with Stairs is another great changing table for daycare center management to consider investing in. It has the glide-out stairs, large paper dispenser and a deep stain-resistant well. Plus, it comes with clear plastic cubbie trays that make getting the depot’s interior organized super easy.

Jonit-Craft changing table

5.) Whitney Brothers’ Step-Up Toddler Changing Table

Last on our list of great choices is the Step-Up Toddler Changing Table by Whitney Brothers. In addition to having many of the fabulous features we touched upon earlier, it also comes with a washable mattress. So there is no need to order them separately unless the center’s staff prefers to have a few extras on hand. In that case, it may be a good idea to purchase a five-pack of Children’s Factory’s Infection Control Diaper Changing Pads.

Whitney Brothers changing table

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