Free Kids Washer & Dryer with 4-Piece Play Kitchen Purchase

Everyone loves the chef. And every kid loves to play the chef. Dramatic play kitchen sets are great for little cooks to prepare scrumptious meals as delicious as the mind can imagine.

Free Kids Washer & Dryer with 4-Piece Play Kitchen Set PurchaseRight now when you purchase a Colorful Essentials 4-Piece Kitchen Set, you will qualify to receive a free Washer & Dryer unit! These fun kitchen sets by ECR4Kids are available in 3 colors and liven up any preschool or daycare center. Click here to order your kitchen set and learn about how to redeem for your free washer & dryer unit.

Dramatic play is critical in childhood development. According to Piaget (1962), “-dramatic play contributes strongly to the intellectual development of children.” One of the reasons that preschool is so beneficial is because it allows them to interact with children in their general age group, allowing them to imagine situations that enhances their problem solving skills. One tool that is perfect fordramatic play- kid’s kitchen sets. Play sets like kitchen, work benches, wardrobes, and even castles; allow children to imitate what they see, act out their favorite stories, or act out stories and scenarios of their own creation.

There are many additional benefits of dramatic play, ranging from social and emotional skills, to thinking and creativity. According toElanna S Yalow, Ph.D, dramatic play can provide children with relief from emotional tension, helps them feel powerful, enhances their use of social interaction skills, aids in language development, provides an understanding and better use of symbols, and teaches them how to sort out the difference between reality and fantasy. Children are also able to develop their fine and gross motor skills, allowing them to become more coordinated, fit, and strong, as they use critical thinking to accomplish different tasks.

These are the reasons why dramatic play is so important to the development of children. If you’re looking to enhance the minds, and development, of the children you are educating, consider dramatic play sets. Worthington Direct offers a variety of different play sets, each created to aid in the education of daycare and preschool children. Contact us for more information.

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