Top 3 Office Desks for Flexible Work Spaces

Flexible work spaces are here to stay. Therefore, multimedia desks are becoming more essential than ever in the workplace. Office design trends show that collaborative work spaces trump the individual desk in a wide variety of industries. When personal productivity does become necessary, it frequently still takes place in a group setting. Outfit your venue with office desks that accommodate this innovative workplace design.




Multimedia Table Can Seat Up To Six

This rectangular table measures 72″D x 60″W and accommodates a monitor mount. In fact, it can be added to enable conference work with offsite employees. There are six power and four USB ports that are part of the table. The framing allows the table to be lowered from 34 inches to 22 inches. Also, it is easy to integrate this furnishing into your office’s overall color scheme with a broad range of edge colors and tabletop tones.

Flexible Collaborative Seating
Create a Flexible Meeting Environment with Smith System Options



Accommodate Multimedia Usage with Electric Desks


Electric Multimedia Table
Enhance Your Meeting Space with Multimedia Tables from Balt


This meeting table measures 48″ x 72″ and features an easy-to-use electric sit to stand adjustment. While these flexible desks are designed for small brainstorming sessions and collaboration, this type of table allows for unlimited productivity. In addition, you can choose between a classic sitting position or standing height position, with a simple push of a button.


Encourage Department Meetings with 16 Seats


16-Seat Flexible Work Space
Increase Productivity with Multi-Seating Table Options from OFM


The pullout swivel seats accommodate 300 pounds each and allow for easy reach to neighboring shelves and work carts. The table itself measures 186 inches in length and 38 inches in height. As a plus, there are three AC outlets and two USB ports. Go for the extreme productivity gusto with a white dry erase surface that makes it easy to take notes for all to see. Most importantly, it lets you take a break in the middle of a session and return – perhaps with new participants – to continue where you left off.


As office design continues to evolve, adding modern furniture is a must. Not only does it support productivity, but it also ensures that you retain excellent workers who have become accustomed to this work environment. Contact us today to learn more about your options in creating flexible work spaces.

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