Three Reasons to Update your Conference Room Chairs

When planning the perfect meeting, the style of chairs is often the last thing on your mind.  While there are no shortage of details and action items to plan, recent studies have shown that choosing seating that makes a statement can impact meeting productivity. Instead of the hard-backed chairs used in traditional offices, an emerging trend by companies to distinguish themselves is to utilize more contemporary designs such as the Sunkar Side Chair. With that in mind, here are three ways that your seating choices can affect the quality of your meeting:

Shankar Side Chair1.) Uncomfortable furniture may leave a bad taste in clients’ mouths. Most likely you have been stuck in an uncomfortable office chair enduring a long meeting that had no end in sight.  Feeling uncomfortable is often a takeaway when reflecting on past meetings and less about productivity, new concepts, and the cultivating of of fresh, new ideas. Instead, create a memorable experience by introducing clients to a meeting environment they’ve never seen before.  Worthington Direct’s comprehensive selection of Conference Chairs helps to create a unique and lasting impression for your clients.

Net Steel Mesh 4-leg Chair2.) Uncomfortable attendees are distracted attendees. It’s bad enough most people already have short attention spans and guests who feel uncomfortable will most likely have difficulty understanding, retaining, and participating in the content that you present.  Sleek and stylish designs such as the Joplin Mid-Back Leather Chair present an elegant, yet comfortable seating arrangement.

Joplin Mid Back Leather Side Chair3.) Cool chairs give your company a good reputation.  Creating a unique meeting environment for your guests not only separates your organization from the rest, it also makes your company intriguing enough for them to stay engaged and learn more. This is especially true with younger people who grew up in an increasingly nontraditional age. It’s been said that you only get one chance to make a first impression so having the best furniture that reflects your organization’s corporate culture is paramount.

Here at Worthington Direct, our passion is to ensure your organization makes the best first impression so we invite you to check out our Guest and Conference Room Chairs so you can build long-lasting business relationships with your clients!

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