Conference Tables, a Window into Corporate Culture

Have you been asked to purchase furniture for your company’s conference room? If so, you should start by asking yourself one big question. What message do I want the space to convey to others? Conference Table

The seating arrangement at a table is one way to establish corporate culture and how business is run during meetings. Then determine how big the space is and how much seating is needed. Once you can answer those questions, consider the following options:

Do you want to convey the image of a traditional, hierarchy based business? Well then, a Rectangle Conference Table would be your best bet. It allows an organization’s leader to exert his or her power non-verbally by taking the seat at the head of the table. It also features plenty of leg room for all. The conference tables range in length from 60 inches to 120 inches. The widths vary from 36 inches to 46 inches. The rectangular shape suits most room floorplans and should fit nicely within most conference rooms.

If you are looking to establish a “we’re all equal here” vibe, a round conference table would be perfect. Lesro and OFM make several round conference tables that may fit within your firm’s meeting space. Different base designs are available to add style or keep it simple. Options include curved panel, curved split, tapered, post and X-style bases. The base that you select will ultimately determine which chairs to buy and how much leg room each meeting attendee with have.

Take the Lesro Round Conference Table with Curved Panel Base for example. Its design offers distinct areas where a person’s legs may go. Two attendees will have their knees facing a recesses panel. The others will be able to place their legs in the gap between the two curved panels. The Lesro Round Conference Table with Curved Panels comes in two sizes. One features a 42 inch round tabletop. The other sports a 48 inch round tabletop.

Would you rather convey a message that indicates a blended corporate culture of hierarchy and collaboration? Then a Boat Shaped Conference Table may be more to your liking. It combines the curved, side edges of a round table and the straight edges of a traditional conference table into one. It’s substantial size ranges in length from 60 inches to 120 inches.

For a look at more high quality, conference table options, contact Worthington Direct. Our staff would love to help you select the right conference room furniture for your firm’s needs.

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  1. The sitting arrangement can be crucial because it would be adding beauty to the office on the same side it would be allowing more employees to sit together for more productivity.

  2. Geometrics continue to play a significant role in modern office furniture. Reception desks are where we see the most innovation when it comes to how shape affects the ambiance of a lobby or waiting area.And so with table also.

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