5 Step Checklist to Selecting the Perfect Conference Table

“Boy, I sure do love it when conference room furniture is as uncomfortable as possible,” said no one ever. Glass office conference tableThe last thing your team needs to think about when hashing out an important strategy or brainstorming a new marketing plan is finding a comfortable position. Whether hosting a weekly sales meeting or a longer conference, you don’t have to sacrifice comfort for function or style. Before you select a conference table take these five factors into consideration.

Conference Room Size

Conference tables tend to be large pieces of furniture but they shouldn’t swallow the entire room. You should be able to move chairs around and navigate presentation areas with tripping over the conference room furniture or participants. Know the dimensions of the room before you shop. Compare these dimensions to the table size. Do leave yourself plenty of room to walk and move around.

Number of Attendees

Write down the number of attendees you want to comfortably sit at the table. It’s a good idea to add one or two extra seats, just in case your team grows. The seating capacity may also be effected by the size of the chairs you choose. Roomy, oversized captain’s chairs are ideal but they do tend to take up more space than a straight-backed clerical chair.

Adjustable Leveling

A good conference table has an adjustable level feature. This allows team members to share drawings, papers and models at an easy-to-see level. You should be able to drop and raise the table to suit your group’s needs. This feature is also handy if you have uneven floors.

Stain Resistant Tops

It’s bound to happen–someone will spill something! Cheap tables with a paper-covered top won’t hold up to wet spots. Select a table that has a stain resistant surface that you can clean easily.

Shape and Style

The focal point of a conference room is the table. You’ve taken the trouble to create a specific ambiance in your office space. Be sure and continue the flow into the conference room. Conference tables and chairs come in a variety of styles, shapes and colors. Don’t limit the creativity but keep the rest of the office in mind when shopping for new equipment.

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  1. We select conference table according to room size. Shape and size of conference table should be perfect according to number of attendees. Conference or meeting room table should be stylish.

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