Multimedia Tables- New Product Spotlight

Your GoToMeeting with an abroad client is starting in five minutes and you’re still trying to find a suitable area for everyone in your office to gather and participate.

You have divided your classroom into groups to work on a media rich project and the student desks just aren’t cooperating with everyone’s laptop needs.

You want to present your latest architectural designs to a client and their contractor and it’s just awkward with everyone huddled around your desktop computer.

Do any of these scenarios sound familiar?

Interchange Multimedia Table by Smith System

Smith System, a pioneer in collaborative furniture design, has introduced several new multimedia tables designed to make your next media rich presentation your best. Multimedia tables are the latest must have for classroom and office use.

STEM 21st Century Classroom Design by Smith System


They feature central power options, including USB, allowing users to keep their laptops and tablets powered during long meetings. Optional TV monitor mounts provide a secure way to display media at a comfortable viewing angle for all participants.

Rectangle Multimedia Meeting Table by Smith System

Do you want all the bells and whistles? Then the Extron® TeamWork® 600 system, a complete pre-configured collaboration table system with simple connect and show buttons is for you. Users simply connect their tablet or laptop, press one of six “show me buttons” and their content is instantly displayed on the presentation monitor.

Extron TeamWork Media Table Collaboration System

All of the multimedia tables are shaped so that they can be used alone next to a wall to save valuable classroom space, or butted together to create a larger conference style media table. They come in several adjustable leg options to match other Smith System lines, such as Interchange or Planner. The full Smith System color spectrum is available, allowing for numerous color combinations.

Rounded End Multimedia Meeting Table by Smith System

As video conferencing and distance learning opportunities in the classroom continue to grow, you can expect to see more and more meeting tables with media options pop onto the market. They are already being requested in STEM and STEAM classrooms that need a media center to round out their revolving stations within a classroom.

Contact Worthington Direct with your media dilemma and we can help you find a table that suits and powers your needs.

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