How to Organize Your Office Desk to Create an Ideal Work Environment

A cluttered desk can hinder your work output and cause unnecessary stress. Therefore, organization is key to optimizing your productivity. To help you get rid of the unneeded mess on your office desk, we’ve compiled a list of easy, but essential organizational tips that will simplify your work space and improve your efficiency.

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A Blank Slate

Instead of shuffling a few papers around and throwing away a few pens, it’s best to completely clean off and empty your desk before you begin organizing. Placing all your belongings in boxes allows you to begin with a blank slate, which makes rearranging the space much easier.


The items you reach for the most throughout the day, such as pens, notepads, and important files are best placed in the drawers closest to you. Their proximity will cut back on the time you waste searching for your most critical work tools.


Try not to clutter the top of your desk with an overabundance of electronics. Your computer isn’t going anywhere, but placing your cell phone and tablet in an easily accessible drawer will not only free up your desk space, but it will also cut back on the temptation to fiddle with them throughout the day. Computer accessories, such as your modem and router should also be kept off your desk to minimize the number of wires littering your work space. Desks with built in grommet holes help organize and conceal wires for those electronics you cannot stow away, like you computer, keeping your work area neat. Our Planner Access Workstation by Smith System, for example, features several grommet holes and a cord management tray with a locking lift up door. This makes wire management easy and maintains a seamless row of productivity.

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According to a case study at Cornell University, good lighting in work environments improves productivity and quality of life. An improperly lit desk can have an adverse effect on your work output. It can cause eye strain, stress and leave you feeling drained long before your day is over. The best lighting for a work environment is natural light; therefore, it is best to sit next to a window, if possible. However, if natural light is not an option, opt for lensed indirect lighting. It lights ceilings, walls, and surfaces similarly to the way natural light does, adding visual comfort and appropriate light levels to your work space.

Don’t Overcrowd Your Desk

Covering your desk in family photos and fun mementos may seem like a good idea, but they can actually lead to unnecessary distractions and clutter. It is best to limit the personal effects on your desk to one or two pictures to help maintain a professional atmosphere.

Keep it Clean

At the end of each work day, a quick reorganization of your desk should be completed. By simply putting all items in their designated spots, you can stop the area from becoming disorderly in the future. Also, having a drawer dedicated to cleaning supplies, like Windex or Clorox wipes make sanitizing your desk easy and time efficient.

An organized desk is essential to a successful work day. To view our inventory of office desks, please contact us today and we’ll be happy to assist you.

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