Bretford Announces Netbook Storage Cart

Bretford announced last week their revolutionary Netbook32 microcomputer laptop cart, jumping on the increasing trend of schools and offices turning towards netbooks to meet their computing and budget needs. This cart includes all the features needed to charge, transport, store and protect your technology investment, 32 netbooks at a time. The new cart is currently available for order from Worthington Direct. Riding the tidal wave of a stunning 4.9 million Asus Eee netbooks sold last just year alone, these carts are sure to be a hit with schools and IT departments trying to manage and charge their new fleet of netbooks.
Representing a significant step forward in supporting the use of technology in schools, these carts received excellent feedback at the FETC and TCEA shows. While the Netbook32 is geared towards the education market, the modern design and anthracite black finish allows it to be used in a business or government environment where the affordable laptops are made available to employees for short term travel and other uses.
Each shelf houses eight compartments that can hold 16 mini computers, for a total of 32 netbooks. Featuring two sources of power, the first a built in automatic timer/charger with two 16-outlet units that automatically switches the current from one charging unit to the other. The second unit provides auxiliary power on a 20’ cord for presentation purposes, powering a laptop, overhead projector, document camera or LCD projection unit. Coated in an environmentally safe Anthracite powder paint that resists scratching and chipping.

Are you looking for a laptop cart to hold your Dell Lattitude, 13.3” Macbook or other full sized laptop? Worthington Direct offers a wide variety of laptop carts and charging accessories from vendors such as Balt, Bretford and Luxor.

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