Are Your Students Getting Tablets Next Year?

No one can deny that technology has made huge changes in education. It has made knowledge more accessible and interactive, and it has made many aspects of teaching easier. Schools are frequently fully embracing this by buying laptops and tablets for their schools. This can be a wonderful boom, but they don’t provide the most use to students without tablet & laptop storage carts. Here you will find out how to get the most out of these great carts.

Start your search by establishing how many tablets/laptops you need to store so you know what size cart to look for. Carts hold anywhere between 8 and 48 devices at a time. If you need to store more than 48 devices, you will need to purchase more than one cart. All carts can be locked, saving your precious investment, and provide the ideal storage unit for tablets and laptops. Before you start your search, determine what you need out of the carts. Do you need to store, charge and/or sync devices? Some carts are designed to only store devices, while others can store while simultaneously charge, and others have syncing capabilities. Knowing the carts purpose will help narrow down your search. Develop a plan based on your technology needs and then find a tech cart that will help you implement your plan. For example, if your school uses Chromebooks, you may not need a sync feature as these are cloud-based computers. You simply need to find a cart that will hold the capacity you desire and will securely charge those devices.

     One of the most important details you need to know is the size of your device, or the overall size of the device with its protective case. Look for bay or compartment dimensions to know if your device will fit within the storage cart’s slots. Many laptop and tablet carts now feature adjustable dividers and shelves, so you have some leeway when it comes to the width and height. The YES series of carts and cabinets from Anthro are some of the most adjustable carts available and will accommodate the ever changing landscape of mobile devices.

     Laptop and tablet storage carts come in a range of styles. Some are simply locking cabinets with built-in power strips, while others have a “brain” that will toggle charging duties based on your device’s needs. Top brands for laptop and tablet charging carts are AnthroBretford, Sandusky Lee and Balt.

     If you are not sure which cart is best suited for your needs, contact us today to discuss all charging cart options. We’ve got a wide variety to choose from and we can’t wait to help your classroom get the most out of them.

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