Study Carrels Return in an Age of Distraction

Study carrels have a long history when you consider they go back to 13th century London and Westminster Abbey. Study CarrelWith Encyclopedia Britannica telling us they went back even further in cathedrals of the era, you can see the original purpose of the carrel. Back then, they were meant for serious religious study, which denotes that even in the 13th century, distractions were possible.

Today, distractions are everywhere, especially in schools. When a student needs to concentrate on a project, many classrooms have collaborative setups as a way to use distractions as a benefit. But when it comes to learning on a computer, a student may have to work on his or own. With so much demand on our new generation to learn new technology, a study carrel may be necessary in every classroom to sort through the perplexity.

Just what makes a perfect study carrel?

Here at Worthington Direct, we sell numerously different carrels that can provide concentration, ergonomic benefits, and consolidation with other formats.

Adjustable Carrels

When a student studies in a carrel, comfort level is going to be paramount to help them zone in on their project. Part of that requires making a carrel adjustable to suit the different sizes of students. Balt makes adjustable carrels, and they also make them as a hybrid standing desk for even better ergonomic benefits. The side panels are generally higher, providing more privacy to avoid any temptation of distraction by a nearby student.

Carrel Table Tops

While individual carrels can take up more space, a school may want to consider a table top option. These are basically collaborative tables with the option of dividers to allow students to concentrate on their own project. Jonti-Craft puts out a high-quality version of this table and where the dividers can be removed when necessary. It’s an affordable and smart way to consolidate the collaborative table and study carrel concepts. Plus, the panels are 14-inches high so the temptation for distraction is removed.

Keep in mind Jonti-Craft makes variations on this table, including square and rectangular shapes.

Series Carrels

A classroom or office could benefit having carrels that join in a series. These also save space due to their economical size and consolidation. OFM makes quality series carrels where they come as large as a 2×5 pattern. With vinyl sides and translucent polycarbonate tops, the siding allows some lighting for rooms that might not have many windows.

Yes, lighting is going to make a significant difference in the psychological comfort level of students or employees, especially when sitting for long hours.

Conference Carrels

Sometimes carrels aren’t all about creating an isolated environment where you’re alone in your study thoughts. As they do consolidating with standup desks and collaborative tables, carrels can also be used for conferencing in an office setting or classroom. During times a teacher needs to help a student with a project, privacy can be had using a conference carrel.

Smith Carrel produces these, and they’re a unique item a school should have on hand for noisy classrooms. The side paneling also is nine inches high so the one-on-one conference won’t be interrupted by intense noise.

As you can see, the study carrel has evolved considerably since its earliest days, even though the same purpose is still there. Just as spiritual thought was important in the 13th century, today’s students need a solid environment to absorb the information they need for the benefit of them and us. We try to uphold that philosophy through the school furniture we offer here at Worthington Direct.

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