Introducing Makerspace Design in the Classroom

Smith System Planner Studio Tables

Transform Any Space to Support Collaborative Work with Makerspace Furniture

Librarians do it. Teachers favor it. Community organizations implement it. It is a collaborative workspace that encourages learners following a STEM curriculum to explore, hands-on, their interests. With Makerspace furniture, you can support learners by creating the right environment for creativity to thrive.

Rethink the Desk with Future Functionality in Mind

In the past, desks were little more than places to prop up a book and write notes. Hands-on creativity had a difficult time thriving on these limited surfaces. Whether your learners are generating ideas or working on solving a problem, there needs to be room as well as growth potential.

Therefore, make the move from a basic desk to a workstation. Tennsco has designed a space with adjustable legs and a power rail to support the integration of notebooks and other technology. Most importantly, you choose the size that is right for you. Empower learners to use the workstation while standing up or while seated.

Makerspace Workstation by Tennsco

Add a Makerspace robotics wall kit by Mooreco to keep moving experiments and creations on the table. Specialized clamps secure the six-inch-tall walls to the workstation. Doing so eliminates the need to dismantle and put away half-finished creations as well.

Makerspace Robotics Wall Kit by Mooreco

Storage is a Snap with Dedicated Furniture Systems

A hallmark of this space utilization approach is the flexibility that lets learners work digitally or hands-on. Besides that, there is a need for storage. Learners need to have ample supplies readily available. However, this need goes well beyond the standard paper and scissors you keep in a single cabinet.


Now, there is a need to store green screens, notebooks, cardboard, a broad range of art supplies, building blocks, and a host of other items that learners use for their creations. The mobile tub storage cart by Mooreco is the ideal setup for accommodating plastic tubs with lids. Share supplies between work groups or classrooms. Focus on growth by opting for the larger 29-inch-wide model.

Makerspace Mobile Tub Storage Cart by Mooreco

For individualized storage options as well as an increase in building materials, consider the Smith System Cascade Series mobile tote tray mega tower. It comes with or without doors and accommodates up to 24 three-inch totes. Labeling makes it easy to discern whose projects they hold.

Cascade Series Mobile Tote Tray Mega-Tower by Smith System

Find out more about investing in the Makerspace Furniture that will revolutionize the way learners use your space. Contact us today!

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