Community Celebrates New High School Opening

Thomas George walked through Urbandale High School Sunday and couldn’t help but compare the 86,800 square-foot additions that was the focal point of the open house to the building he learned in during his days at Urbandale.

George and his wife, Marsha, live close to the school and have watched as the $10.4 million wing was added to the building at 7111 Aurora Ave. “There’s no comparison,” he said, “the classrooms are twice the size.” “We’ve been through all the construction and it has been well worth it,” Marsha George said. “We were open and ready for the changes; they were needed.”

The two-story addition, opened in January, contains 32 classrooms for math, foreign language, social studies, language arts and special education.

English teacher Leslie Sheridan has been teaching at Urbandale High School for 20 years and said teaching in the new building is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Sheridan said when plans were being made for the building, teachers were asked what they would like their classrooms to look like. “We really feel like we had a say in the building,” Sheridan said.

The addition includes updated technology, such as projector and VCR stations in every classroom. To accommodate the new technology, every teacher received a laptop for the classroom. Proper furniture to effectively utilize the new equipment is key in the finishing of the new addition. There are also commons areas that have desks and computers for students to use before school or as an additional workspace for class projects. Foreign language classrooms have small conference rooms within the classroom. (Read More)

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