Classroom Colors

We know how colors affect our moods, but who would think colors of school furnishings matter?  Gone are the days of institutional grays and greens.  Today, the color of the furnishings is an important factor to consider in affecting how students behave and perform. 

Classroom Colors

May 1, 2005 12:00 PM
By Mike Kennedy

After countless decisions about what goes into a classroom — how much to spend, whether to get desks or chairs and tables, how large the furnishings should be, how easily they can be moved, how durable the pieces are, how much storage space will be needed — the question of color might seem like an afterthought.

But studies have indicated that the colors in a classroom can affect how students behave and perform. So after finding functional furniture that is safe, comfortable, flexible and durable, schools may want to consider how the colors of the furnishings can enhance the learning environment.

“Color is important and it can have benefits for the classroom,” says Kathie Engelbrecht, an educational planner with the Perkins + Will design firm.

To read more about the benefits of using colors in classrooms, click here.

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