Classroom Cleaning Tips

Now that you have come back from your holiday break and the New Year is upon us, you might be feeling some mid-year doldrums. One easy way to liven the mood in your classroom is to rearrange, reorganize, and clean that classroom up. Here are some great tips for your mid-year classroom cleaning spree.

Dry Erase Board Cleaner
Dry Erase Board Cleaner

Wipe off all the desks and surfaces students touch. This alone will enhance the smell and look of your classroom immensely.

Prevention is ideal. Keeping your students from making a mess to begin with will go a long way to easing your classroom mess. So spend some time looking at the problem areas. Are papers not making it to the recycling bin? Move the bin to a more convenient location where students already go frequently to encourage them to make the trip.

Organize a central location for supplies and assignments. Investing in a bin storage organizer will ensure that everything has its place, encouraging students (and you) to place items back where they belong.

Is dirt a problem for your classroom? Placing a classroom rug on the floor helps keep dirt off the floor, and enhance the classroom experience with colors and shapes.

Keep your classroom stocked with baby wipes, making it easy for students to clean the marks off their desk on their own.

If backpacks and other student clutter keeps getting in the way of your lessons, place some storage cubbies near the door. Encourage students to drop their luggage and only bring the few books and pens they need for your class. This will keep their bags out of your aisles, making it easier for you to assist each student during the lesson.

Don’t forget your own workspace. If your desk is cluttered with books and assignments, use a Mobile Organizer to clean up the mess without losing the ability to find things easily and quickly. The Organizer is on wheels, so you can even move it quickly from location to location within your classroom as needed.

Keep a small broom and dustpan handy to quickly pick up pencil shavings and trash. This assignment can also be given to students for extra credit or prizes as you deem fit.
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