Can it ship “yesterday”?

Every teacher’s nightmare – too many new students, and not enough chairs or desks to go around. Taking late enrollment students and finding seating for them can be a challenge, especially when new furniture lead times can extend in to your school year. Worthington Direct is offering a new "Quick Ship" program to get those needed chairs and desks to you within just a few days, bypassing the queue other customers must endure to get their furniture. In many cases, such as our Virco 9000 series chairs and popular size tables, it is as simple as "Order Monday, Deliver Friday" to most of the US.


A wider variety of stack chairs, tables and student desks are available to deliver in many cases inside of two weeks with our 5-day quick ship items from quality vendors such as Smith System, Midwest and Virco. Steel stools for drafting classrooms, art rooms and metal shop rooms are in stock and ready to ship in 5 days or less, even in July and August.

Need something specific, but not sure if it will arrive on time? Give Worthington Direct a call, or contact them directly online and their friendly staff will be happy to assist you in finding the right furniture for your needs, to fit your time table. 

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