3 Tips to Keep Your Students’ Desks Clean

Keeping your own desk clean can be a major task, so it can definitely be a pain to try to keep your students’ desks clean. Luckily, following a few tips can help make it easier for everyone.

1. Provide Convenient Storage

Students shouldn’t be keeping everything in their desks. Invest in storage cabinets or cubbies to hold some school supplies such as scissors, crayons, pencils, paper, glue, markers, dry erase boards, manipulatives ect. Bookcases can provide students with a handy place to keep their books, which you can label so that you can keep track of which book belongs to which student. This can help students feel less overwhelmed by the clutter in their desks.

2. Schedule a Desk Clean-Up Time

Once per day, set aside a few minutes in which students can all clean their desks. Some students have a tough time keeping their desks clean while focusing on their school work, so it can be helpful if there is a designated time set aside for students to throw away any garbage and neaten up their belongings. Small candies and treats given by the “Desk Fairy” can be used as an incentive for students to keep their desks clean. Simply make a Desk Fairy card to leave on clean and organized student desks. Desk Fairy printable’s can also be found on Pinterest or Google.

3. Make it Convenient

Make it convenient for your students to keep their desks clean. Keep small trash cans handy so that students can throw away trash regularly rather than letting it pile up. Offer non-toxic cleaning wipes to clean off their desk tops. If it’s easy for your students to clean their desks, they’ll be more likely to do it.

A neat, clean desk can make for a tidier classroom and can help your students stay organized and focused. Follow these tips, and you’re sure to notice that your students’ desks are much cleaner. Also, if you need any student desks or other student furniture, contact us to find out more about our great product line.

2 thoughts on “3 Tips to Keep Your Students’ Desks Clean

  1. I have an elementary school age child and it is amazing how sticky they can get in a single day! Paint scrappers can help get gum off old classroom desks, or we’re happy to sell you new desks 🙂

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