3 Things to Make a Good Classroom Great

It is never too early to begin thinking about your classroom needs for next year! Every great classroom is created with an eye for student collaboration and movement. Teachers who make effective environments for students to work will avoid unnecessary distraction and facilitate authentic learning on a daily basis.

5000 Series Activity Tables by Virco

Small Group Tables

Small group sessions are the perfect time to hold a student’s attention and ensure they are mastering the skills they need to. The Ensure Scalloped Elemental Tables create space for 3 students to sit across from a teacher in a small group, direct instruction session. Two of these tables can be combined to make space for 6 students to collaborate and discuss. Bright color options also give some flair to combat a monotone color scheme.

Engage Elemental Table- Trapezoid by Smith System

Versatile Desks


Individual desks can always be moved to create new arrangements in the classroom. The design of the desks can help, or hinder, a teacher’s attempt at mixing things up! With Collaborative Desks, a teacher has dozens of geometric shapes they can play with to get exactly what they need from their students. These desks can be organized in groups of up to for small group work, or can be moved into a row with students alternating direction. A math teacher’s dream!

Standing Desks


A sedentary body is a sedentary brain! Teachers can always see the signs — distracted, off task students who need to let out energy in other ways besides sitting down all day in the same chair. The Up-Rite Standing Mobile Workstation is the perfect solution. This desk can be adjusted to as high as 44.5 inches tall and includes a retractable keyboard shelf and bottom shelf for CPU or other equipment storage. Also, the lockable casters allow for easy transition into student collaboration and grouping. Instead of punishing an off task student, why not give them the best chance to let out their energy in a more constructive way?

With the current school year approaching, now is an excellent chance to reflect on the highs and lows of your classroom and the learning that occurred there. This is your space and these are your students — make the best of it! Worthington Direct is here to help with your needs: contact us and let us know how we can help!

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