Walt Disney’s School Desk

Many elementary school desks of today hold bright futures within their tiny frames. And while in most cases defacing or carving into desk tops results in punishment, some end up on display. This is the case for Walt Disney’s 2nd grade school desk, which can be viewed in an exhibit called One Man’s Dream at Disney Hollywood Studios. The letters ‘W.D.’ can clearly be viewed as evidence that one student was already dreaming about carving out his celebrated career.

Walt Disney's school desk
Photo from the Disney Fan Club https://d23.com/
2nd Grade School Desk used by Walt Disney
Born in Chicago, Walt Disney and his family moved to Kansas City when he was nine years old. While attending Benton Elementary School, Disney took Saturday drawing classes at the Kansas City Art Institute. It’s been said that he got his start drawing animals from books checked out from the public library.
Illustration Desk used by Walt Disney
Later in his twenties, Disney began working in an advertising agency as an illustrator. A small mouse reputedly lived in one of Disney’s desk drawers at this studio and supposedly influenced the creation of what later became one of the most famous cartoon characters of all–Mickey Mouse.


Walt Disney at his custom designed drafting desk
Walt Disney at his custom designed drafting desk by Kem Webe.

Drafting Table designed for Walt Disney.

Walt Disney at his office desk.
Walt Disney at his office desk.

Walt Disney at office desk

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