Are Your Seating Arrangements Mobile?

There was a time when teachers would change their student desk arrangements maybe once or twice a year– or by marking period if students were lucky. In today’s education, the classroom layout may need to change a few times a day. To meet these demands, teachers have been looking for classroom furniture that is easy to move from traditional seating, to centers, or into a classroom discussion arrangement. The right furniture can make a big difference when setting up a mobile classroom.

Apex Gem Desks & Chairs by Marco Group


Traditional Arrangements

Enroll Hierarchy Mobile Chairs by Mooreco

Think of a one-room schoolhouse; all the student desks are faced front towards the teacher. In this seating arrangement, there could be single rows or double-seated sections. A traditional arrangement still has its uses in today’s classrooms. It is great for the beginning of the year when teachers are establishing routines or when testing is taking place. Enroll Hierarchy Mobile Chairs by Mooreco are perfect for starting the day in the traditional setting, but then still have the mobility to be moved when needed.


Group Arrangements

Quiet, individual work has taken a back burner to group work and collaboration in today’s modern classroom. Classroom furniture needs to be able to move from traditional seating arrangements to small groups. Grouping student desks in arrangements of 3 or 4 is common, but sometimes larger grouping is needed. An all-in-one desk and chair combination, like the Haskell Ethos Series Mobile Chair, would make moving from traditional arrangements to groups quick and easy. This chair can move easily, but with its comfortable seat and ample leg space, it still provides individual space for each student. It even has a storage space underneath, which is a great feature when students are creating projects and have extra items like papers, boxes, and other supplies.

Ethos Series Mobile Chair with Tablet by Haskell

Socratic Seating

Any Time, Anywhere Student Chairs by Mien

Teachers have been mastering the art of being the “Guide on the Side” and leading a great discussion, rather than being the center of the discussion. Moving classroom furniture into a Socratic seating arrangement can maximize discussion. This arrangement works best when student desks are facing each other.  Popular arrangements are for students to move their desks and chairs into a circle or two semi-circles facing each other. To do this, clunky desks and heavy chairs either need to be rearranged or pushed out of the way. Moving the arrangement can be done faster and more efficiently with Any Time, Anywhere Student Chairs. These chairs provide comfortability for long discussions and large tablet space for books and technology.


Eliminate the Stagnant Seating Arrangement

Daily, teacher’s lessons go from individual work to collaboration and centers, to storytime and discussion and so much more. The modern classroom needs to be as fluid as the lessons.  Classroom furniture must meet the needs of mobility. Check out all of our available chairs or contact us so that we may help with your selection.

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