Using Carpets to Organize Your Classroom

Carpets may not seem like the most obvious organization tool for your classroom, but there are a surprising number of ways that classroom carpets can help you and your students get organized, establish routines and stay focused on learning. Plus, rugs can really tie a room together, man. 

The Dude abides on an Alphabet Rug
The Dude abides on an Alphabet Rug

Simple Ways Classroom Carpets Can Organize a Classroom

For children, the transition from home to school is an important one. It is helpful to have clear routines for getting ready for the school day and simple storage solutions for keeping bags and coats organized. Consider using a carpet to define the entryway in your classroom or highlight a welcoming message to start the day off on the right foot.  Wall mounted coat lockers with cubbies are a great compliment to any classroom entryway rug. The carpet can act as a mental threshold to remind students to stop, put away their coats and belongings in their assigned cubbie and then proceed into the classroom.

Once students have arrived at school, using different carpets is the simplest ways to divide space or create learning zones in the classroom.  Many teachers use a carpet for the morning circle area. Oval and round shaped carpets allow for easy communication during shared discussions or story time. Other ideas include using carpets for dramatic play areas, like a kitchen or transportation area, or gross motor learning like hopscotch. Many teachers are now creating soft seating areas for causal reading and socialized learning and a carpet is the perfect anchor to tie the whole room together.

Geography map carpet
Geography Carpet of the U.S.

Using carpets that have maps or the alphabet can be a great alternative or complement to classroom bulletin boards, providing teachers with additional learning aides. Having a large geography rug in your classroom, is great for teaching state locations and directions as students can literally walk across the country. There are bilingual carpets available that are great reinforcements for teaching foreign languages and multicultural lessons. A great music carpet can really elevate music class and add provide as helpful acoustics in an otherwise hard space.

Another useful idea is to use carpet squares to help students know where they need to sit during circle time or other small group activities.  Carpet squares can also be incorporated into organizing your classroom learning centers, like using the squares for small games or building activities. They can also be useful for lessons for preschool or early elementary students around sorting and learning shapes. Assign each student a specific color or shape when it’s time for line-up.

Classroom carpets are more versatile than you can imagine and are a practical part of any classroom organization plan. Classroom carpets are not just for the very young either, there are some very nice neutrals, solids and sophisticated patterns that span all age groups. If you are looking for more information about how to get organized or design a functional classroom, please contact us today. 

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