Worthington Direct Introduces New Chair to the Church Market

Worthington Direct www.worthingtondirect.com, a supplier of school, church and early learning furniture and equipment for over 10 years is introducing a new chair for churches looking to modernize their seating. KFI, a producer of quality seating and wood products, has begun supplying Worthington Direct customers with the IM1030 Wing Back Chair.

KFI Seating Church Chairs

The IM1030 Wing Back Chair features a 3″ upholstered seat available in an attractive burgundy or blue fabric color. The frame is a textured black, 1″ square tubing, 18-gauge steel with 12 twelve-point welds. Backed by a lifetime guarantee, the frame is further supported by front and back stretcher bars. These chairs are currently as low as $47.95 a chair which is an excellent value for the wing back style which normally go for $60 and upwards.

Church members will be comfortable in the IM1030 as it features built-in lumbar support and is padded with hi-density foam. Permanent ganging is standard on this chair and is designed to create a “pew” look while providing the church with convenient flexibility. The IM1030 stacks up to 8 high and has stack bumpers to prevent wear on the frame finish.

A recent article found on Christianity Today addresses some important issues and growing trends in regards to finding the perfect seating for each church.

“Seating experts and architects alike agree on a necessary first step in the seating selection process: determine a church’s philosophy of ministry. From that, you can choose the type of seating that best expresses that philosophy. To emphasize traditional ministry, historical aesthetics, and increased community, pews will often be the choice. To take a deliberate step away from tradition, appeal to the individuality of people, and create an atmosphere that is more like a movie theater or concert hall, theater seats or stackable chairs are a more likely choice A more traditional church will go to pews regardless of what the costs are because pews represent a certain spirit or feel that is important to that church.

On the other end of that spectrum would be theater seating, which represents an auditorium feel of performance and excellence. Stacked chairs are in between—they suggest flexibility. Individual chairs, which would provide a more contemporary look and a flexible worship space that could be configured for any occasion. Seating capacity is a key factor in determining the number of parking spaces and restrooms needed, so keep this in mind when deciding between pews and individual chairs.

You should also allow space for seating of disabled and other special-needs people. Be sure to learn about any special requirements in your local building codes. Fire codes require a certain space for egress, or space between rows of seats. This in turn affects the lengths of rows. With a wider egress, you can design a seating plan with fewer aisles and more seats. It’s best to work with your architect and a seating expert to examine all the options.

The type of seating you choose for your sanctuary or worship space really does matter. Consider these often-overlooked factors before making a final decision.

Common Pitfalls

Whether the pastor alone decides on sanctuary seating or a committee makes the choice, chair manufacturers and architects have noticed areas in which the decision can go off the tracks. These include:

Failure to address the seating issue early. Seating plays a key role in the comfort and aesthetics of the worship experience, and should not be an after- thought. On a practical note, early selection of the seating fabric color pays off, especially when matching the look of seating to floor color. There are fewer color options available for chair fabrics than floor color.

Buying from a company with poor sales, service, or warranties. Representatives should be available to help churches make right decisions, either in person or by telephone. Avoid this by calling 800-599-6636 or visit www.worthingtondirect.com today for great customer service that will help you make the appropriate decision for what is best for each church.

Thinking heavier chairs are better chairs. Heavier chairs often mean more moving parts and less durable material, such as particleboard. The IM1030 has a practical weight of 23 pounds each.

Not purchasing dollies to move chairs. With dollies, you’ll save wear and tear on the chairs, on the floor, and on the backs of your moving crew. The KFI Universal Chair Dolly is an affordable way to store and move chairs. Stack up to 10 chairs on the sturdy steel dolly and roll to storage or adjoining space.

Other church seating options:

KFI Roll Front FR1020,

Choir and Musicians Chair by KFI

Tall Wing Back Chairs by KFI

Browse through the entire church furniture products offered by Worthington Direct.

About Worthington Direct: After spending over 10 years in the school supply, church and equipment industry, Worthington Direct www.worthingtondirect.com knows what is important – selection, service, price and timing. Our goal is to make your purchasing job easier. With competitive pricing, knowledgeable sales associates, and “In Stock” products for quick, efficient shipping, Worthington Direct is committed to be your furniture resource. Schools and churches look to Worthington Direct for competitive pricing for school furniture, church furniture, preschool furniture, early childhood furniture, library furniture, desks, wholesale furniture, computer furniture, classroom furniture, chalkboards, office furniture, room dividers, storage cabinets, easels, display cases, cafeteria tables, activity tables, classroom desks, computer tables, desk chairs, lecterns, literature racks, office desks and risers among its large stock. Continue reading

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